Connect with Matt to begin a partnership for collaboration and support for your district, organization, or for your own growth. Connect with Matt to learn about all the coaching, mentoring, and professional development options.

We are Stronger Together

Having a stronger together mindset is a simple yet profound message, and we should all join the conversation. Ride the bus with students, visit a classroom, read books to classrooms, set up coffee hours, and more. It’s time to make it happen for your community!

Where to start? This keynote or working session will bring these ideas to life in your school.

Want to go deeper with the stronger together mindset? Spend a half-day with Matt pushing your group to think big, dream big, stop making excuses and develop an action plan to move forward. Matt will get you thinking, moving around, collaborating with colleagues in other grade levels and departments, and most of all have the opportunity to have your entire organization in on the same conversation, which builds cohesiveness and strategic goals.

School and District Leadership and Business Consulting

Keynote presentations are great, but let’s dig deeper and have a breakout session(s) with your leadership team where we can get personal and talk about specific challenges and ideas you’re facing in your district. Then, have some individual time with Matt to develop strategies and strategic plans for moving forward with new and old ideas that will boost the energy and learning with all students and staff!

Each leader is unique in their needs and has different experiences and mentors under which they learned and experienced leadership. As an experienced leader, Matt will partner with you or your business to tailor a consulting program to fit your specific needs. Matt works with organizations of all sizes as well as in one-on-one capacities. 

Power of Connections

Today, if you’re still on educator island, that’s your decision. See how to get connected, truly build an international PLN, and do it all from your phone. Twitter, Voxer, and Instagram will blow the doors off of your learning, and we’ll get you truly connected with fellow educators. We can’t do this work alone, and building an international PLN is a must; let’s do this now!

Innovative Leadership

I hear too often, “I am not a techie.” So many educators say they aren’t tech-savvy, and fear is at the heart of it all. Matt will work with your team to create a mindset of innovation and failure and start clicking those links to amplify your inner confidence with tech already inside of you! Learn how to be a ‘mobile’ leader. Improve connections, relationships, share the story of your school and spend less than an hour in your office each day!

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