Power of Connections: Connecting Educators, Cultivating Professional Learning Networks, & Redefining Educator Collaboration 

Lifelong learning requires effort. Collaboration as a method of learning has been a fabric of education for years. With today’s technology, our ability to connect is limitless. With an openness to learn, anyone can begin to expand their knowledge by being part of a Professional Learning Network. A PLN is a mindset; it is not a one-shot association. When managed well, these connections can help educational leaders innovate in their classrooms, schools, and beyond to improve student outcomes. Power of Connections is an opportunity to take your professional relationships to the next level. This book will empower your growth by putting your personalized professional development ideas into your own hands. This book is about the IMPACT – Inspiration, Meaningful, Passionate, Authentic, Care, Today & Tomorrow – connecting with others will have on you. These IMPACT components are the heart of connecting and it is the impact itself that proves just how powerful these connections can be.

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Modern Mentor

As modern mentors, how can we shift our practices as individuals or make widespread change happen in our systems? Mentoring is not the process of checking a box; it is the process of developing colleagues who eventually work alongside us in a challenging profession where collaboration, connection, and consistency are all so vital for our students. Having a menu of strategies will ensure knowing exactly what you will get! The goal of this book is to showcase ways to develop mentoring programs, designed to assist teachers in becoming strong mentors and to assist new teachers in getting the most out of their mentoring relationship.

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Power Of Us: Creating Collaborative School Communities:

When teachers work in a silo, it limits the collective thinking or brainstorming that is critical to innovative ideas that can transform teaching and learning. Change is hard and sometimes schools are unwilling to change due to many factors (already high achieving, possible union pushback, consistent turnover, and so on). However, moving outside your comfort zone and into the learning zone is a step to breaking down school silos. With skilled educators and the digital resources of today, we have ideas and strategies available 24/7. We have the power to shift a school into a collaborative community and to have critical conversations about exciting and innovative change in schools.

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