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Guest Blog on X-Factor EDU

I have had the great fortune to have many amazing educators support me along my journey, and I want to do that for others. I believe giving educators a voice gives them value and drive. Tech and Learning Leader took a chance on me in 2017 and let me post a guest blog. Since then, I have had the honor to write for many online publications, and now it is my turn to do that for others. 

If you have ever wanted to break into writing for the education market, I want to give you that voice. Guest blogging on education blogs is an excellent way to start. This space will allow you to build up your portfolio, attract a wider audience, connect with teachers, educators, or other professionals in the field and develop your voice.

I am looking for humor, a real passion for teaching and learning, a voice that readers can relate to, and a fresh, honest perspective.

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LESLIE CAMPOS: Solopreneurs and Technology – A Match Made in Heaven

By Leslie Campos ,, Photo via Pexels When you’re starting your own business, or you want to grow the business you already have into a more successful venture, you (as a solopreneur, someone who owns every aspect of your business) need the right tools and the right expertise to help you get the…

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Sandra Donaghue: Leading with L.O.V.E. – Energy Bites

4 Energy Bites  to nourish your leadership energy by Sandra Donaghue Leading with L.O.V.E. We are called to leadership, called by our heartstrings and by our love for what we do.  If this is so, why is it sometimes so hard to put love first?   Perhaps it is because leaders are called to make…

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Debbie Tannenbaum: Creating a TRANSFORM Tech Toolkit

By Debbie Tannenbaum, Author of TRANSFORM- Techy Notes to Make Learning Sticky and School Based Technology Specialist On Episode 52 of EduDuctTape, Jake Miller discussed how when we look at all the technology tools available to us, it can be overwhelming. It’s like walking into a hardware store. With so many options, it can be…

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By Laurie Guyon @smilelearning Model Schools Coordinator #NYSCATE Trainer @CoSN Emerging EdTech Leader 2020 and #CodeBreaker Ambassador Have you ever been in a moment where you hear a song that you have known forever, but all of a sudden, you see it through a different lens? I had this happen to me recently over a song…

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Leslie Campos: The Business of Being a Mom: Balancing a Business While Raising Children

By Leslie Campos There is no underestimating how important a job parenting is or its degree of difficulty. For many, however, it’s not the only rewarding job. Balancing two priorities — children and a career or business — has been a persistent tug-of-war for many mothers. Fortunately, home-based businesses are becoming more acceptable…

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