About Me

I have been a school and district leader in many capacities in public education over my 27 years in the field. Experiences such as Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, Director of Digital Learning and Innovation, elementary school principal, classroom teacher, and district professional development specialist I have gained incredible insights on how to best support teaching and learning. I have used those experiences to published articles and had opportunities to speak at multiple state and national events. My master’s degree is in special education and my Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Boston College. I hold licenses in education, administration, and MA superintendent. I am the author of Power of Connections: Connecting Educators, Cultivating Professional Learning Networks, & Redefining Educator Collaboration, Power of Us: Creating Collaborative Schools and co-author of Modern Mentoring, Reimagining Teacher Mentorship.

Throughout my career, I focused on what is in the best interest of students while pushing the limits to achieve excellence in schools. I am an instructional leader constantly looking for student and school improvement while building community and continued teacher improvement. My biggest fear in education is wasted potential.

My work focuses on inspiring and supporting educators to achieve personal goals to achieve excellence in schools. I am driven to support and empower others to reach their full potential. Empowering others is the foundation of my leadership, writing, and motivational speaking engagements. 

I works closely with Springfield College and Boston College as part of the alumni council. I also collaborates with human service agencies, such as the YMCA, to coach leaders to enhance culture in the workplace and leadership capacity. 

I am honored to have been has been featured in national publications for work and driven to stay active on social media to encourage others to believe in themselves, stay authentic, and turn potential into Power. Follow me on Twitter @matthewxjoseph